Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome October!

From my Fall mantle.

September was a fantastic month! I worked with my son on decluttering his room--he did so well!

We also transformed the laundry room. It is amazing how differently the place feels! I'm hoping for the same effect upstairs this month.

I have lots of things planned for this month, but, first and foremost, my focus is on establishing habits and daily routines to keep my house clean. That's what the 31 days series is all about and why I'm committed to blogging about it everyday.

That said, there are a number of projects in progress I don't want to drop--as well as two doozies planned. Throw in Thanksgiving and my son's fourteenth birthday--and we'll have what is often the busiest month of the year around here.

In Progress:
(sounds so much nicer than "left-overs"....)

The slipcover for the couch. This involves cutting and resewing a slipcover I purchased for the sofa two years ago. I just need the courage to cut it and get on with it already!

The kitchen cabinets. I'm painting them from yellow to white. Almost done! Can't wait to show you that one. I'm very nervous about it. Have I painted out all the charm in my kitchen?

At least the model is charming! This is where we are at this morning. Yep, that's all the cabinets.

I think I have to resist the urge to take on two other kitchen related projects; a) to create (or buy and use) a stencil for the soffitt, and b) to sew up some fabulous cafe curtains. (I can see them in my mind's eye. I want to make them real!!)

A piece of old sheet looks very simple and pure...and kind of like a piece of old sheet. Ugh. And looking at this, I have to get that trim painted!

New Projects.
The doozies. Hubs is on vacation from October 16th to the 22nd. We had originally planned to take that time to fix the wall and tile the bath tub area in the bathroom.

We also planned to insulate and construct another wall in the basement laundry room.

However, last night as we sat down and discussed this, we realised he has another week of vacation coming up in November. That's the time to do the bathroom. Whew. I am greatly relieved.

I will however, take the time to make good on a promise to paint my son's room red and blue. I'm very anxious about it--it is not what I would choose to do--but it really isn't my room.

1. Finish slipcover
2. Finish the kitchen cabinet project: doors back up, hardware cleaned and back on.
3. Insulate and construct wall in basement
4. Paint son's room.

1. Stencil soffit in Kitchen
2. Sew cafe curtains for Kitchen.
3. Paint window trim in Kitchen.

As well, there are several seasonal items which I will do: Aby Garvey at Simplify 101 has conveniently placed them all on a printable checklist.

This completes item #1: Set your goals for the month.

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onshore said...

No you have not painted off the charm from your kitchen. I think it's still very charming, but also fresh.

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