Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 29: Smooth as Glass

Thank you all for your encouragement. It seems odd to me that you don't mind hearing all about my housekeeping every day! I'm grateful to hear that as I've tried to make each post interesting, even though I'm talking about the same subject all the time!

Both kids had activities related to Scouts and Guides scheduled today. My daughter sold cookies with a friend and her mother, leaving me free to help out my son and his troop clean up after a rummage sale at the Church which gives them their meeting and storage rooms.

So, I had a deadline this morning and it worked out well.

Made the bed, picked up things in the Master bedroom, wiped the glass counter, mirror and sink in the bathroom. My pick up and put away dealt with a lot of stuff left over from last night's shopping errands.

What the kitchen table looks like sometimes after a pick up and put away. The table is the holding spot for taking things to the basement.

I wiped down the fixtures in the downstairs bathroom and hemmed and hawed about doing laundry. I'm not entirely sure what's happening downstairs: I think we're close to the end, but Daedalus is working tomorrow so it will be a while before it's back together. (The dryer hose isn't connected to the exterior, yet, and I really hate running it). Line drying won't work: not only do I not have a line, but it wouldn't occur to Daedalus to take down any laundry hanging up before running the power saw!

I also did up the breakfast (and lunch) dishes before I left. I knew that would make me happy when I got home and it did.

Please forgive me the nasty drainboard. I bought the one that "comes with" the dish drainer and it wasn't big enough. There was a mess of water absolutely everywhere. I don't know why Rubbermaid didn't get it right!

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