Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 19: Hooray! Back on Track.

After yesterday's sick day, I woke up to this:


(Please forgive the lighting in all of these. As you can see, it was dark!)

I know. Pizza left out from last night.

The back hallway:

The front hallway:

The Dining Room:

yeah. I was on the computer a long time last night!

I started by cleaning out my purse while my daughter was eating her breakfast about five minutes after these were taken. So, at about 8:00am, I started. I:

picked up the house. (great way to gather up the dishes scattered about.)
started a load of dishes.
swished and swiped the downstairs bathroom
reviewed the calendar. I did not make a to do list: just looked at the list I already have!
vacuumed the front entry, the living room, the back entry.
washed another load of dishes.
vacuumed the stairs.
made my bed and picked up the master bedroom.
swished and swiped the upstairs bathroom.
washed the third load of dishes, wiped out the microwave and cleaned the crumb tray in the toaster (I don't know what possessed me).
Wiped down the counters, the stove and the mirrors in the kitchen.

Then, I came into the dining room and cleared off the desk, dusted and wiped it down. And then, I went over the hardwood floors with my mop.

By 11:30, I had this:


Back Hallway:

Front Hallway:

Dining Room:

It is in large part due to the wonderful encouragement I got from Carol-Anne at Use the Good Dishes and Leena from Onshore. Thank you so much! Your words kept echoing through my head. My poor coffee was reheated until it was practically undrinkable! I'd stick it in the microwave as I thought to myself, I'll just do this and then take a break. By the time I'd think to take that break, the coffee would be cold--and I'd re-heat it. Then, I'd think, I'll just do this while it re-heats....and so on. It was a most satisfying morning and I am enjoying that coffee now!

You may notice what's missing from this list. Yes, laundry. That's because my laundry room looks like this:

Oh, it is almost embarrassing how proud I am of myself. Something in my waspish up-bringing is telling me not to cheer quite so loudly!

I don't care.

I'm going to tackle a half finished project, now. But I'm not sure which one!


Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

It's funny because I was wondering if my comment would sound 'encouraging' or 'pushy' and I was starting to second guess myself! So proud of what you've accomplished! I am not kidding when I say that I work with clients who struggle like you with household clutter/chaos and they take YEARS of work to get where you are! You really should feel proud of yourself!

onshore said...

Yippee!!! Well done, you are allowed to feel proud, very proud indeed.

Oh but one thing... once you've done that much work, you can reward yourself with a fresh cup of coffee on your break, not a microwaved one. :)

Sallie said...

Great job! You were on fire!

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