Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 30: Nothing.

That's what I did today.

Oh, there was lots of car travel. In the darkness, before lunch, after lunch, after dinner. I dropped people off, picked them up, dropped them off and then picked them up again. I looked at fabric that wouldn't satisfy; I looked and looked and looked for white wrap-up velcro; and I struggled with making decorating decisions without knowing the whole picture first; but house work wise? I did nothing.

The bed lay crumpled. Nothing was swished or swiped. No one was weighed. Nothing was picked up and put away. Stuff was just shuffled all day from one surface to another, like the clutter was merrily playing musical table tops.

My husband did the breakfast dishes, and no one did them after supper. None of the plans and schedules which desperately need doing were done.

I wanted to end this series with a bang, but instead it's a whimper.

1 comment :

onshore said...

That's fine, no worries.
I'm interested to see what you found on your shopping trip.

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