Saturday, October 8, 2011

Piano? Pillowcase? or Curtain?

I have had this idea for cafe curtains burning a hole in my brain for days. I was up early this morning and decided to just do it. (I was sooo lucky to find this striped fabric last Tuesday--part of the "halloween" fabrics!)

I have long been inspired by this image from BHG. I just love the mix of florals with stripes.

Then, by chance, I came across this photo of the Spade's kitchen in New York.

I'm always intrigued by how others make black and white checkered floors work: so I took a good look at their window treatment. Plain white shades with two different sizes of black horizontal stripes as trim. Love it. I can jazz that up!

But I'm not sure my version makes a happy marriage.

On the sewing table it looked like a fancy pillow case.
When I showed it to my daughter she said it looked like the piano.

And now that it is on the window: I don't know--does it look like a curtain-- or a piano themed pillowcase I stuck in the window?

What do you think?


The Farmers Daughter said...

piano. I think the stripes would be better running along the bottom instead of up and down....but- it really matters (and only really matters) what you think about you like it?

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks Lorijo. Do you mean athe whole thing in horizontal black and white stripe--or white with the bit that's vertical changed to horizontal?

I really have no idea what I think of it, at this point. I was wondering if I shouldn't return to the original inspiration and maybe ado a black and white floral instead of plain white...

Anne At Large said...

I am inclined towards having the b/w stripe running horizontally as well (as in the Spade photo) instead of vertically (as in the current piano keys situation). I like the white with b/w trim idea though, I think it will be really cute. Although part of me wants it to be a Roman shade with the white all the way to the top of the window. I really like that Spade kitchen pic ;)

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