Sunday, October 23, 2011

Inspiration: The Living Room

I've been surfing over at The House of Turquoise lately to try and find a way to live with our "new" carpet.

There's a story behind it, of course, but it is a simple one.

Daedalus (My husband. Not his real name.) and I were actively looking for and discussing carpet options. The thing is, we need an 8x10 for our living room--and they are a bit out of our price range.

As well, our sweet Beagle loves to leave little "presents" for us whenever we leave him alone. (We tried crate training him but it didn't work.) So, we were understandably reluctant to spend good money on something that may be wrecked as fast as our old one. (Of course, we know that the less you spend the quicker the rug will be ruined as it is of poor quality to begin with!)

So, one evening this summer while we were walking the mangey mutt we noticed a house for sale in the neighbourhood. As luck would have it, outside by the curb was a TV, a bunch of plastic shoe boxes, odds and ends and this bright teal rug. I hemmed and hawed for five full minutes and then sent my son and husband down to carry it home.

It's bright. It's bold and it's bossy.

Kind of like these inspiration pics.

Betsy Burnham via House of Turquoise

How about this?

Chris Barret via House of Turquoise.

and this?
Porter Design via House of Turquoise

This, taking Turquoise in a quieter direction, is also lovely:

Phoebe Howard via House of Turquoise

and one more:
Kathryn Chaplow via House of Turquoise

I have no idea, really, where we'll end up....but things are movin' and shakin' around here.


Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

The first photo is your living room? I think it's lovely! I have a 'neutral' rug and I've been obsessed by a brightly coloured stripey one at Ikea lately!

Turquoise is all the rage, right now, as you know, so you were very lucky to find such a gift!

Colleen said...

I think the teal carpet looks great in that first picture. It might not work great with the couch (hard to be sure from that angle) but isn't that often slipcovered in a lighter shade? The carpet itself is a real score!

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