Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 21: So Fast!

I am amazed how quickly I got through most of today's tasks (and some of yesterday's too!)
I think it's because there's already a basically clean floor--for example, so, I'm really just swiping the mop over a few spots. I really noticed it in the bathroom where I cleaned so thoroughly last week: I didn't spend even a quarter of the effort to get it as clean again today.
I was expecting someone at 11:00, so I challenged myself to get right to it. I took the liberty to ignore the second floor, however.
So, I started with a quick pick up and then folded some laundry in the living room. (Yep, leftover from last week, but I did discover some fresh cleaning cloths.)
Then, I did a quick swish and swipe in the bathroom. There wasn't any standing water in the sink--but there was a bunch of sludge--it wiped right up, though!
After taking my daughter to school, I came home and scrubbed out a brown stain on the carpet in the living room. Then, I washed the bathroom floor with my new mop head, washed the breakfast dishes, mopped the kitchen floor and quickly vacuumed the stairs (which I had done two days ago, but hubby accidentally tracked a bunch of sawdust up the stairs when he took the laundry basket up for me.) Then, I gave the living room carpet and the entry way carpet a quick once-over and by 10:30 it was all done!
If you had told me a month ago that my house could be company ready in about two hours, I would not have believed you.


onshore said...

NICE! (Really with capital letters, I did not forgot the Capslock on)
Great thing to recognise.

Anything new to tell about the laundry room wall? How is that going?

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

Double NICE!

The Farmers Daughter said...

very nice. I have found that since I've gotten my head around cleaning it's become much I spend less than 90 minutes per day on it- including laundry. I do tend to fly like the freakin wind though.....

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