Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26: Lazy Day


I woke up quite early this morning in order to take a shower and sneak my way to my daughter's school where she was getting an award. (She didn't know she was getting it.)

That was fun. It took me fifteen minutes of solid walking to get there and twenty to get home. The wind sliced through my ears. At least it was sunny. I really didn't mind that much.

(By the by, this is one of the reasons I made an effort to lose some weight this summer. Last year, my knees and feet could not manage the walk at all.)

I came home, made a pot of HOT coffee, turned on the computer, checked Apartment Therapy--and never looked up again except to forage for food.

I made the bed. I wiped down the fixtures in the downstairs bathroom. I washed the breakfast and lunch dishes at about 4pm. That's it.

But you know what? I refuse to beat myself up. All that does is create self-defeating and disempowering self-talk--and I don't need that! Someone once asked me an excellent question: How would I reply to a friend who told me what I had to say?

What a great question. I wouldn't call her a loser. I wouldn't say she was a failure. I wouldn't tell her she'll never get this problem fixed. I wouldn't say she was condemned to live in a pig sty forever.

I'd say, "Wow, sounds like you had a relaxing day. You must have needed it. You'll get back on track tomorrow."

PS: I also gave my son the day off from school as he was feeling a bit under the weather still and had a Mega-Block Birthday present with just under a thousand pieces to keep him occupied. So, there won't be any homeschooling report this evening.


Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

Yep. I'm with you: cut yourself some slack and pick up where you left off tomorrow!

onshore said...

Yay! I'm real happy you wrote that. Everyone needs time for some slacking and it does not mean they will turn into lazy coutch potatoes.

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