Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12: Rushed

Morning Routine:

Wash breakfast dishes: yes

Pick up house: yes

Swish and swipe: yes--both bathrooms!

Laundry: fold, transfer, start: yes, not needed, yes

Review calendar, make To-Do list. No. Yes. My son and I are going to see Death of a Salesman at the (live) theatre downtown today. Performance will run 3+ hours.

Do One Essential Task: Made up the weekly chore list on the computer and printed it.

Wash hardwood floors (alternate up and down) Swiffered upstairs. I don't really like the Swiffer--but maybe it isn't designed for dust bunnies the size of Jack Rabbits?

Clean microwave, inside and out. Oops. No. Will have to wait until I get back.

Have a great day, all. It's grey, windy and damp today. In other words, Fall!

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