Sunday, October 30, 2011


The windows in this room face North which means I never, ever see direct sunlight in this room.This remarkable effect was created by the sunlight reflecting off the window of a car parked in front of the house. It was so cool, I took a photo.

Browsing the 'net I came across Songbird's tips on how to dress a bookcase, as she puts it. I was reminded I wanted to deal with these shelves over the computer desk in the dining room/office.

I also wanted to put up a couple of new NON lights I got at IKEA.

So, I played. I dusted, too, but it really was mostly playing.

I decided to weed out a few books and dvds while I was at it.

I arranged the books at the top by colour.

I took the shells my son had collected for me on the beach in Newfoundland this summer and put them in an old clear glass candle holder.

I fussed and arranged and read over her tips. I rooted around for screws to fasten the lights.

The great thing about a board and bracket system for shelves, of course, is that the shelves are removable.

All in all, it was most satisfying.

The shelves and desk at dusk:

Light truly is a most amazing decorating toy, don't you think?


Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

Is that tall blue glass vase in the last photo from Ikea? I have the same one in the smaller size. Great minds and all...

onshore said...

First I thought you had partly painted the wall white. Big contrast on the areas where is light and where is not.

Excellent to have light above your desk. Who would not like to work there now.

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