Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 25: Grumpy.

Daedalus (my husband. Not his real name.) had to go back to work this morning after his week off. We don't get up with him.

But, my daughter and I overslept our alarms. So, I woke up "behind." That was the first "grumpy."

I gathered all the clothes out of our laundry hamper to sort into baskets and take downstairs. The laundry room isn't done: but Daedalus hooked up the machines last night before bed so I could do some laundry.

As I turned right at the bottom of the basement stairs and stepped into the laundry room, I just missed a pile of fresh poop.

That's the second grumpy.

I started the first load and helped my daughter get some breakfast (last of the frozen pre-made pancakes. Errgh.)

Then, I walked into the living room to begin my "pick up and put away" and lo and behold, a fresh wet stain on the carpet.

What is wrong with the dog? Is he just protesting my husband's return to work? This is the third time in five days in roughly the same spot. I'm going to have to do some research and figure out how to stop this. Fortunately, our curbside carpet was treated with something, but nothing can stand up to much more of this abuse.

Oh--and the last grumpy?

(If you are at all sensitive, have a weak stomach or are eating something, look away.)

I put a quarter down for scale

This was left in a bucket under the bathroom sink.

Yes, Daedalus finally tackled that clogged bathroom sink. He said he'd found a "clump of hair" in the pea trap.

The anger gave me a lot of energy, though. I scrubbed away at that stain in the carpet (before breakfast!) and wiped down the fixtures in the downstairs bathroom. Truth be told, I am glad we have the sink useable again!

I washed the breakfast dishes after briefly debating with myself about leaving them until after lunch and just giving up this morning and hopping onto the computer.

But I did them after cleaning out my purse and reviewing the calendar and my to-do lists for today.

I have washed, dried, folded and put away two complete loads of laundry already! (There'll be more.)

I went upstairs, wiped down the upstairs bathroom, made my bed, and quickly dusted. I knew today's Fall Cure 2011 task was "buy fresh flowers." Currently I have lots, so I made a fresh bouquet for my nightstand.

You know why?

I knew it would cheer me up.

And so it does.

(Did you catch that? I did housework to cheer myself up. It's just weird.)


Anne At Large said...

I don't know if I am going to give you credit for doing housework to cheer yourself up there, that sounds a lot more like decorating to me ;)

And I am blown away by that clog. That is epic, and that is coming from a chronic shedder of long hair. But I would worry about the dog if that is a recent development, I hope he snaps out of it!

onshore said...

No wonder you had flood in the basement from time to time. That clog was huge.

I too hope your dog gets better, maybe he has just an upset stomach...

Brielle Franklin said...

Oh my gosh! That was one huge lump of hair! We constantly have to clean out our sink since I live with 6 girls and we all share two bathrooms. There was one time where we had to call an Atlanta Plumbing Service just to de-clog our sink and bath tub. It almost looked like your picture. Thanks so much for sharing, glad your sink is working again.

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