About PhT

I started PhT in 2007 as the place to share my projects and progress in the on-line Home Cure hosted by Apartment Therapy. Back then, the Cure lasted eight weeks. When it was over, I’d intended to stop blogging: but the friends I made encouraged me to keep going. And so I did. 

Now, this blog has a ton of projects, inspiration, musings and room makeovers. In the last few years, as I’ve honed and developed the way I’ve approached decorating and design, my love for it has deepened. Through the work I’ve done for others, I’ve noticed that by changing their homes to be supportive and pleasant places to be—their lives have changed. I firmly believe that how we decorate our spaces—the things we choose to live with—how we put them together, how we arrange them-- profoundly affects how we live our lives. It’s like Winston Churchill said:

We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us. 

Or—to put it another way, our homes are like Jaimie Buchman’s purse.

So, now, there’s a new purpose for this blog. From decluttering the medicine cabinet (a great place to start de-stuffing your life) to creating that lovely living room (with everything you need and nothing you don’t) I hope this blog helps you create a home that delights and inspires.

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