Declutter Your Home in 31 Days

In 2015, I decluttered every day (or nearly every day, OK, I missed one) for 31 days straight. I picked a spot and decluttered it and wrote about it. I hope you find my experience encouraging and helpful in your efforts to declutter.

Here is the introductory post: 5 Ways Clutter Costs.
Day 1: Let's Start
Day 2: Your Choice
Day 4: The Freezer
Day 21: Collect All the Digital Pictures. 
Day 22: Declutter Dvds, Cds, and other Media: Saying Goodbye to a Piece of Childhood.
Day 23: Your Choice. My Choice? The Top of my Desk.
Day 24: Craft Supplies or Tools, Your Choice
Day 25: Finish up an Unfinished Project.
Day 26: Declutter Magazines/Books/Bookshelves
Day 27: Declutter and Clean up the Laundry Room.

The 2013 Challenge:

 The first introductory post is here. There is a link on that page to all the posts in the series, or you can use these.

Day 1: The Struggle
Day 2: What's It Mean, Anyway?
Day 3: Integrity: Honouring Your Comfort Zone.
Day 4: Perfectionism: A Dirty Word?
Day 5: The Magic of 15 Minutes
Day 6: Time Dreaded Tasks
Day 7: Embrace the Bite, Part 1
Day 8: Embrace the Bite, Part 2
Day 9: Get It Done
Day 10: Finishing the Day
Day 11: Accept Help
Day 12: Be Kind. To Yourself
Day 13: Fixing Systems: Diagnosing What's Broken
Day 14: Tweaking a System: Paying Bills and Keeping Track of our Spending
Day 15: Tweaking a System: Meal Planning
Day 16: Rabbit Trails to Mini-Zones
Day 17: Habits, Part 1
Day 18: Habits and Cues
Day 19: Habits and Rewards
Day 20: Reactive and Proactive Strategies
Day 21: A Clean Home Feels More Organized
Day 22: Schedule Recurring Tasks
Day 23: Make It Easy
Day 24: Make it Fun
Day 25: Write It Down
Day 26: Create Some Breathing Room
Day 27: Slow the Inflow
Day 28: Speed up the Outflow
Day 29: Create Homes for Temporary Things
Day 30: Make Staying Organized Part of the Family Culture
Day 31: Just Say No

The 2011 Challenge:

A Personal Journey.

"A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules."
 Anthony Trollope

This is the page to track all the posts in the series.

Here is the first, tentative, introductory post. It sets out my goal for creating the series and what you can expect. 31 Days....of Housekeeping?

Day One:  Dishes and Laundry
Day Two:  Planning and Prep
Day Three:  Routine
Day Four:  Terrible Tuesday.
Day Five:   Why and (b) Sidetracked
Day Six: Moving Along and (b) Getting Off the Catastrophic Cleaning Cycle
Day Seven: Reflecting
Day Eight: It's All a Blur.
Day Nine: Odd the Way Happiness Works
Day Ten: Thankful
Day Eleven: House"keeping"
Day Twelve: Rushed
Day Thirteen: One Essential Task
Day Fourteen: House Cleaning is Mental
Day Fifteen: Plugging Along
Day Sixteen Carazy Week Coming
Day Seventeen: Report
Day Eighteen: Fail
Day Nineteen: Hooray! Back on Track
Day Twenty:  Almost Forgot! Routine Report
Day Twenty-One: So Fast!
Day Twenty-Two: What, Again?
Day Twenty-Three: Goals
Day Twenty-Four: Fall Cure 2011, Day 1
Day Twenty-Five: Grumpy
Day Twenty-Six:  Lazy Day
Day Twenty-Seven:  Desk Day and (b) Mary, Martha, Housework and Righteousness
Day Twenty-eight: Dance
Day Twenty-Nine: Smooth as Glass
Day Thirty: Nothing
Day Thirty-One: How To Build a Cleaning Routine
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