Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 24: The Fall Cure 2011, Day 1

Yep. Maxwell is doing that abbreviated 20/20 cure for "busy" people, again. Yep. lots of dusting, vacuuming and flower buying. Whatever.

It feels odd to say, "I don't need it." But I don't. Not the extended 8 week version, or this quick lick and a promise version. It feels odd--but strangely liberating too. Odd because the Cure was the reason I started this blog in the first place. 829 posts ago I wrote the very first post announcing my intention to participate in the fall Cure of...wait for it...2007.

Liberating because this daily thing is working so well. Finally, I feel like I've got this cleaning figured out.

Nonetheless, I can't ignore it. I'm not quite ready to just let it go. So, here is what I'll do. As always, I'll make it work for me.

Today, Maxwell encouraged us to "surface clean" one room: vacuum and dust. I chose the dining room. With spilled chocolate cake crumbs and gift packaging littered the floor, a toddler's handprints and a Beagle's nose prints smudging the windows, it seemed the obvious choice.

So, in addition to my morning routine, I quickly dusted all the shelves, washed the windows and swept.

Then, I wiped down the top of the two doors, the sides and cleaned up a few spots on the walls.

I've been wondering how to prioritize my projects and get them done. This 20/20 Cure thing may provide me with the format I need. This week, I will finish up the projects related to the dining room and give a little tour on Friday.

Then, we'll do the kitchen and the living room in the weeks following. I just made up a schedule. Either it is unrealistic: or I am going to be very busy!

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onshore said...

Oh, he's having the quick cure again? I have not read Apartment therapy for a long time, I think it's lost it's point, to me it feels like the site is just promoting stuff. But I might check the 20/20, perhaps it will inspire me.

In a way you are doing the 20/20 everyday, so you are on it allready.

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