Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 15: Plugging Along.

Sorry this is late. I kept hoping some sort of inspiration would strike and give me some scintillating content. It didn't. So, here's the report, anyway.

Last night:
dishes? No. But it was a decision, not something I simply "forgot" or ignored. Didn't bother me to do up more than usual this morning at all.

Morning Routine:
Made bed, swished and swiped the upstairs bathroom and weighed myself. New habit I have to get back into daily. I'm glad I did. I had a healthy brekkie instead of (ahem) a piece of that leftover chicken in a red striped bucket staring me down in the fridge.

Picked up the house, more or less, and started those dishes. Swished and swiped the downstairs bathroom and started a load of laundry. Remembered that today is "laundry catch up" day. Hmmm. Not a lot to catch up on except folding. I like this.

Didn't review the calendar, did not make up a to-do list--but I did look at the "Weekly Cleaning Schedule" I made up this week and noticed that I have pretty much managed to do everything on it. I may not have done the item the day it was listed: but if it's done by Saturday, who cares, really?

The only things I didn't do was change one child's sheets (tomorrow) and wash the upstairs bathroom (my daughter's job. Not a terribly big one now that I have been wiping off the mirror and swiping the rag over the fixtures everyday.) She had to clean her room today so I said she could tackle the bathroom tomorrow.

I am pumped. Oh--and that might have something to do with my One Essential Task for today: yes, exercise! I lurve Leslie Sansone. So encouraging and chipper. It's been a while, though. My joints were as creaky as my floor.

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