Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Cure 2011 Day 3: Aspirations

I've always thought of images of interiors as inspirational. But Maxwell is calling them "aspirational" these days.

Jaimie Drake via Color and Style

Personally, I don't like the upward, reaching, grasping, connotation to "aspiration." It's outward. Worse, to my ears, it's riddled with consumerism.

The Spade Kitchen. source: The Selby

Inspiration is much more inward. It's reflective, meditative, thoughtful. Organic.

source: Little Green Notebook (her own entryway)

I looked at blogs today with the word "aspire" in mind and I became depressed. Discontent. Envy stole my joy.

Jill Scholes via Desire to Inspire

I looked through the hundreds of images I have already saved to my computer which inspire me and I wanted to jump up and create something.

After hours and hours of looking at beautiful interiors today, both new and old, I traveled what seems like a gravel logging road from the valley of envy to the mountain top of exhilaration.

source: decor pad

I can imagine myself inside some of these interiors. They speak to me, personally, intimately.

Others speak differently. They will forever remain simply beautiful. Marvels. Three dimensional works of art.

Steve Giannetti via Cote de Texas

To be admired and appreciated. To bring me joy.


scb said...

I so appreciated this post -- your thoughts and reflections are so spot on. Thank you.

And thank you for posting that last Steve Giannetti picture. That is pure joy and inspiration for me. That is the sort of thing I would like on my wall, opposite the black and white seascape. Now I know what sort of photography to attempt while meandering along Santa Monica beach and Malibu beach this February.

Thank you so very much!!!

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

Well Said!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures you shared but why are you saving images to your computer? is amazing! You have to check it out. Warning: It's highly addictive as well as aspiring. Love your blog.

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