Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 17: Report

Routine Report:
Last night:
Did dishes.

Morning Routine:
Wow. So much done by 9:30 am!

Weighed myself.

Picked up the house.

Started a load of laundry.

Made the bed, picked up the Master bedroom, put away a basket of laundry.

Swished and swiped both bathrooms and actually started cleaning the upstairs toilet. (My daughter never did clean the bathroom. Not sure exactly what to do about that--she won't have time again until Wednesday. oh, wait, maybe just finish cleaning it? --Why is that a thought that has to occur to me? It's not automatic yet, is it.)

Went ahead and washed the dishes even though I wasn't sure if my husband was finished breakfast yet. (He wasn't. He's like a Hobbit on holiday--likes his second breakfast.)

Swept the kitchen floor. (gasp).

Now, I'm off to do my One Essential Task for today. Ok, it's not essential, but it will be fun!
I'm excited. I'm going to run to Sherwin Williams and get the paint swatches in this mood board:

Source: RoomRX

Isn't that fabulous? It just may give me the direction I need for the living room since I've kind of lost my way with the season change!

The green just isn't working with the blue for me.

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