Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4: Terrible Tuesday

There's a reason my mother doesn't call me the first Tuesday of every month.

We have one vehicle. I went with hubby to work this morning so I could use it for the Big Shop today.


1. make the bed: yes. at 5:30 this morning.

2. Swish and swipe the bathroom. (This is a Flylady thing.)
done? downstairs-yes.
upstairs, no.

3. Put away dishes in dish rack.
3b. wash dishes when I wake up: I got in the Jeep and drove with my husband to work this morning.

But I did wash them before breakfast and after I made supper. Crock pot. Beef Stew.

4. 15 minute pick up throughout main floor.
The kitchen light keeps going off and on and off.
And I swept the kitchen floor.

4. Pick up Master bedroom
I have no idea. Was there anything to pick up? It's dark at 5:30 am.

5. Laundry:

6. Review calendar and review or make up daily To Do list
done. Last night.

7. Do One Essential Task.
Have I mentioned the Big Grocery Shop on the First Tuesday of every month, yet?

Let me say:
I am grateful we even have a vehicle.
I am grateful we have heat in our house.
I am also grateful we have food.


Jaymi said...

You are making me tired:-) And, you are inspiring me to get going on the clueing routine that I have meant to establish since my kids went back to school a month ago. Thanks for the motivation!

Alana in Canada said...

I hope it goes well!
I am very tired. Thanks for your comment.

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