Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 13: One Essential Task

This is an excellent addition to my Morning Routine. Oh, speaking of which, let's get that out of the way:

Last night:
Dishes after supper: yes, right before I left to go buy a glue stick because everyone swore we didn't have one. (We did, of course.)

Morning Routine Report:

Dishes: after breakfast? yes.

Pick up house: done

Swish and swipe: yes, both bathrooms!

Laundry: fold, yes, transfer, yes, start, yes, --the bath mat and towels. It was so great to know that I am washing the bathroom floor today--so it is also the day to wash the mat. Duh.)

Review Calendar and make to-do list. Sadly, no.

Do One Essential Task.

Yes. The Great Seasonal Switcheroo. I'd been diving under the bed and retrieving the odd top here and there. When I started fishing in earnest this morning, I knew it was time.

I started by putting a sheet on my bed. I felt very clever thinking of that. Everything in storage is on the floor of my bedroom and very, very dusty.

Then, I pulled it all out.

One under the bed bag

and three under the bed boxes:

Those boxes. Sigh. They are my "secret wardrobe."

You know, the one we all have waiting for us to shrink into.

(Well, Ok, maybe not all of us. Some of us. Me. My mom is constantly buying me cute tops as "incentive." She loves to give people presents.) I have managed to lose 19 pounds since June but I've stalled. Not unhappily so, I may add. But it does mean that these lovelies must stay in storage for a bit longer yet. Plus, as the label says, it's mostly summer stuff.

Nonetheless, I went through them and got rid of things I wouldn't wear even if I could.

Then, I emptied out all my drawers.

I sorted, I evaluated, I pondered and I purged.
It took about a half hour.

Here are my drawers all nicely edited and ready for winter:

Exercise wear:

Wow. I have boring winter Pjs.)

and tops:

And, last but not least, I'm proud to say, the Donate Pile:

Everything else is in the closet which I purged back in August.

I love including just one project like this on my daily list of things to do. It really helps with the overwhelming and demoralising list I keep running in my head. The OET acts like a sieve: the noisiest or the most urgent percolates to the top and then, instead of nagging me for days like a spouse, it just gets done. It's a great way to keep my momentum, too, for working through that ridiculous list. It doesn't mean I can't do more, it just means that if I don't get to anything else, I did get to something which needed doing. And that feels good. So good.


Mommy Jenny said...

You're a genius! I don't know why I never thought of storing the next season's clothes under the bed! I've been trying to talk my husband into going up to the attic to get ours. If they were under the bed, I wouldn't need help! Looks like I'm going to buy some boxes!

Holly said...

Ok, this has inspired me to clean out all our bathroom sink cabinets... Keep up the super work!!

onshore said...

I think your PJ's look warm. And that's important.

Well done on the switcheroo!

M said...

Oh my, I just started with the bedroom yesterday and the closets will be next.
looks so easy, when done by someone who knows..
Thank You for this post!

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