Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27: Desk Day

It's a Flylady concept. I love having an "Desk Day." That's the day to pay bills, deal with e-mail, deal with forms, make appointments, and the part I don't like--file papers.

I'm not entirely happy with my tray--though I love my tray. It's just that these papers left over need a home that isn't in a stack.

Uuuuugly. This is only a temporary solution. I hope. I got these out of the basement--I've had them for over twenty years, I'd bet. I'll figure something out.

I had a slow morning.

But, by noon I had made the bed, picked up the master bedroom, swiffered the floor and wiped down the upstairs bathroom.

I'd done two dish racks of dishes. Cleaned the microwave, inside and out.

Washed, dried and folded some laundry. Put even more away.

Wiped down the sink in the downstairs bath.

I was in quite a funk all morning about the whole housekeeping and blogging thing. I am going to miss doing this: and I'm scared I will backslide horribly. I did way more work today at my desk than I would have if I didn't have to come to the blog and report on it. And I'm not even going to mention it all because it was a lot and it's boring. But I will mention two things:

1) Christmas is coming. Did you know that Aby Garvey (of Simplify 101) is offering a 28-day plan to get your house ready for the Holidays? It'll be offered for free, on her blog. It started today. I'm excited about this! As well, today I signed up for her annual Get Organized for the Holidays course. That starts Tuesday.

2) There's a new month next week. I made up a bill list and ran off the necessary items to begin preparing for the Big Shop.

Ugh. Once again, I've put off the "fun" things on my list: two decorating projects I wanted to have done by today. I also haven't got to washing the floors in the kitchen and the bathrooms.

What to do?


onshore said...

You could perhaps use plywood set of drawers as a paper storage (ikea used to have them, but I can't find them anymore). If you leave the drawers out, you'd have similar set as you have now. It can also be painted or decoupage.

I took the Aby's holiday workshop last year, but since we didn't spend the holidays at our own home, I did not have as much to do as others, so I felt a bit sluggish being there with others who were so busy. So I'm not taking it this year. But the 28 day challenge sounds fun!

scb said...

If the daily blogging is providing you with needed accountability, please consider continuing! It's good for the rest of us, too.

I will be blogging (or trying to) more often as I deal with the various pre-LA challenges I've set for myself. I'm also blogging over at which is a much different blog, but is still a way of keeping myself accountable in my writing.

It's all good.

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