Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 23: Goals

Nothing like the smell of chocolate cake creeping into the corners of the house to put me in a good mood!

I woke up this morning determined to not let let today slip by like yesterday. I weighed myself. I didn't make the bed: I changed the sheets! Then I made the bed.

I wiped down the mirrors and the fixtures in the upstairs bath. I'll be sending my daughter up to wash down the walls, clean the toilet and wash the floor.

I wiped down the fixtures in the downstairs bathroom and swished the toilet bowl.

I've picked up the house, more or less. I washed the dishes while I "helped" my daughter make her brother's birthday cake.

No laundry. I'll have to ask Daedalus to hook the machines up tomorrow so I can get his work clothes ready, at least.

I have to plan lunches, yet, and make up my grocery list (and go shopping for the next ten days. Terrible Tuesday is coming back up--already!) Then, I have to make up our homeschool schedule for the week.

I thought about adding biweekly chores to my list: I probably should. But, frankly, my biggest challenge right now is doing what I need to do with my son to make sure he gets through his school work everyday.

There are eight or nine weeks left until Christmas: surely I can focus that long and keep us on track (though I will be tiling the bath tub and shower in a few weeks). I think what I need to do is come here in the evening and quickly report in on whether we got done what was on the schedule for the day. I hesitate, though, because I do not want to make this a homeschooling blog. Yet, the accountability is necessary and so helpful. It would only be for a week.

Nonetheless, I think I will give him the day off tomorrow. He went to camp this weekend not feeling well. He'll be getting his gifts tonight and I'm pretty sure all he'll want to do tomorrow is rest and make a start on some of his stop motions with his new toys.


Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...


I've been trying to find a way to contact you 'outside' of the comments section, but can't. Could you email me? My email address is right on the tabs at the top of my blog.

Holly said...

Is it only 8 or 9 weeks until Christmas?? Yikes! I have a ton to do between now and then, so I'd better get moving on some of that. :)

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