Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 15: Simplify your Make-Up, Simplify your Life.

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There are things in our lives which make them complicated. Some of them cannot be avoided. But some of them can be--or at least parts of them can be controlled.

You can choose to make somethings in your life simpler--and make up is one of them.

I never actually wore make-up on a regular basis until I started working two years ago. My routine is dead simple. I am blessed with excellent skin tone: on days when I need a little something something, I use mineral powder on a foundation of moisturizer.

On a regular basis I use liquid eye-liner, mascara, eye shadow and an eyelash curler. That's it. I can put on my make up in about three to four minutes flat. I carry lip butter in my purse.

Now I realise this spartan routine is not for everyone. Some of you like make-up as much as I love paint and if that's your jam, that's fine. Just go through it regularly and make sure your stay safe and keep old and out of date product away from your face.

And if it's overwhelming you, pause a minute, think about what you need, bare minimim--and maybe give that a whirl for a few days--then pare down. Simplify your make-up, simplify your life.

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