Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 16: Your Choice. My Choice: The Painting Things

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Regular reader of the blog will remember that I started working on my back hallway and stairwell back in July.

The end of July, to be sure, but still.

This weekend, yes, on Thanksgiving Monday, we finally finished painting the risers and trim on the stairs.

We still had one tiny detail to take care of--the second coat on the attic hatch.

This attic hatch.

It had never been painted before so it took a coat of primer and two of paint.

What I really, really wanted to do was clean up these paint supplies outside the bathroom door. I'd tripped on them a couple of times. (Not a fun place to trip, really).

But of course, I couldn't remove them without finishing the job, now could I?

So. There. Done.

We have to remove the tape from everything, wash everything and do touch ups. Just a couple of small projects yet--and then I'm done with the back hallway and stairwell.

Wait 'til you see.
It's awesome.

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