Thursday, October 22, 2015

ORC Week 3: Coming Out of the Closet, No Wait, It's the Closet Coming Out!

I'm beginning to get a bit frantic--there's a lot of work ahead of me still. And we just discovered that we will have to re-do the old subfloor in the old closet area to make it level enough for vinyl planking. Shoot me.

But the studs are down!

I rented a sawzall and I used a sledgehammer and a crow bar and in very short order, they were gone. Things were delayed, however as I couldn't figure out how to get the headers out without damaging the drywall.

It changes the feel of the space utterly. In fact, Mom walked in when I was done and said, "Oh wow. It looks like a room!" A room five feet wide by thirteen feet long! But, yes, a room. Not a hallway.

I wasn't able to get back to Mom's for a few days--so I spent a lot of time looking at mirrors and ceiling lights and rugs and things. More about that next week! I also made up a rough sketch of where I thought things might go.

A few days later, I rented the sawzall again and we went back at it with gusto. Yep, I enlisted my husband to help, thank heavens. There was no way I could lift that sawzall over my head and control it at the same time!

We put in a new 2x6 too to square off the new outside corner. (The old closet was thirteen inches deeper than the "room." I put the ladder in the first picture above to show that.) It was bowed from top to bottom--and the stud we were attaching it too was rounded--we had to go back for shims to get the two to play nicely with one another. More time gone.

Yeh, I think there's some squirrel damage. And man, were these cheap 2x6's--or do they all splinter like that?

Ta da! A blank canvas, so to speak, for drywall.

Cross your fingers that goes well--I have never drywalled before.

Punch List:
Empty out every last little thing
Take down remaining shelving
Tear down closet   Done! Yay!
Repair dry wall and rebuild closet bit
Prep and paint walls 
Tear out carpet
Fix sub-flooring
Lay down new flooring
Buy new light fixture(s)
Install new light fixture(s)
Sew window valence
Install drapery wall for privacy and doorway
Find a bench/make one
Cover the bench
Buy one pax wardrobe
Assemble 3 Pax Wardrobes
Install closet rod(s)
Install shoe shelves
Figure out Jewellery storage/display
Move clothes back in.

If you'd like to catch up:
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Here is the link to all the other ORC Guests doing amazing things.


Teresa Pisc said...

I'm so with you...sawzall's terrify me! My husband uses it for everything, including tree trimming. He's crazy though:) Good luck with the drywall!

MMarie said...

Alana, I cannot believe this...I took down a closet in my garage and need to drywall the narrow space where the wall used to be (on the wall and ceiling). I've been avoiding it for 7 months! Maybe you will inspire me to finish it. No pressure for great pictures/tutorial! LOL!

You, Chris, and your mom make quite the team at transforming spaces. I love how it becomes a family affair.

Alana in Canada said...

Tersa, you're husband must be pretty strong! That thing is heavy!

MMarie--I'll let you know all about my adventures in Drywalling--it helps to know you want to know!

Anonymous said...

I can't to see it all come together!

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