Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 6: The Storage Containers. Don't declutter just to declutter.

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I needed a quick and easy one tonight, folks.
I thought this would be easy: match the tops with the bottoms and see what's left.
It was easy. There was one lid left.

But then, I got to thinking about all my mason jars and the foil "takeout" type containers I've purchased to store home-made make-ahead freezer meals. Those are downstairs in my basement pantry.

And I looked at them and I thought: why toss them?

Sure, I haven't made too many make-ahead meals (and when I do I just use my 8x8 pyrex) and my days of making broths and boiling beans are pretty much at an end for now...and they aren't that expensive to replace...but

and here it is....the reason to keep them....

I have the room.

Someday I will make broth from roasted bones again, someday I will make up some jam, someday, I just might break out that canner and get to risking botulism.

Normally, "someday" is a good reason to let things go. But this is not a wish or a dream or an aspiration. I've done it before, I'll do it again. I have a track record with these things. There are seasons of life we all go through. This is a busy one. It will slow down. Someday. Until then, these can stay here.

What are your goals for decluttering?
Ever had a situation like mine where you decided to leave well enough alone?

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MMarie said...

Alana, I love your thoughts and reasoning on why you don't have to declutter the mason jars! So true. My life has been VERY busy this week so very little decluttering has happened, mostly low hanging fruit (including clearing off my kitchen counter of all the cupboard contents. Things are back in place and I decluttered a bit as I went so the cupboards look wonderful now!) And, I snuck a few minutes to look at my favorite blog!

Alana in Canada said...

aw,that's sweet, thank you! I bet your kitchen feels wonderful. Well done.

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