Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 14: The Medicine Cabinets: A Quick Win

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Now that was satisfying!

Not a lot came out of the cabinets at all--but it felt so good to tidy up!

I have two bathroomsand so I have two medicine cabinets.


There were just a few things for the dog and some doctors samples of a medication none of us could remember why we had it. (expired.)  It was in both cabinets, actually.

Upstairs was a disaster. We'd run out of toothpaste and had been using those sample sizes the dentist send you home with until Chris finally remembered we needed some and brought a tube home yesterday.

I also had forgotten about some paint brushes I'd put there to dry.

see that stuff in the mirror? That's tomorrow's easy win! Makeup and stuff.

There was really nothing in the cabinet except the mystery medication--oh and some expired anti-itch polysporin.

Such a good feeling to take care of it.

I like to clean out the medicine cabinets about twice a year.

How often do you declutter your medicine cabinet(s)?

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