Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 19: Declutter the Desk Drawers or Surface

Read the previous entry in this series:  Day 18: Letting Go of the Linens or start at the beginning with the Introduction: 5 Ways Clutter Costs.

This decluttering project was a precursor to an organizing project. Actually, that's how my decluttering usually goes: I do it in the course of make a space more functional for us. In fact, until I became acquainted with minimalism, I rarely decluttered just to get rid of stuff. (By the by, I don't think of myself as a minimalist. I like to call my self an intentionalist. Do you think that'll catch on?)

I wanted to move the scrap paper which my husband brings home from work and which we use for 90% of our printing over from the right hand side of my "desk" to the left. That way people can just get paper for the printer without having to go through me, as it were.

But first, I wanted to look into each drawer and see what was in there. Ever since I got the ALEX drawer units to replace my old hand made desk drawers, I have had an abundance of drawer space--and I lose track of what I have.

This is the drawer with the paper (and other things).

For this assignment, I opened each drawer and decided whether it needed decluttering--and which one I could use for the scrap paper.

I settled on this one. The cards can go. I've had them for several years and even on the occasions when I could have used one, I haven't. So, out they go (finally). I brought home this big roll of label paper they were throwing out at work--and I've used maybe all of two inches of it in the last year. It can go, too.

Ta Da!

Yes, I found my secret stash of girl guide cookies. So secret, I'd forgotten I had them.

A real quick little decluttering and organizing to keep us humming along.


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