Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 7: Any kitchen drawer

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Some of you have mentioned that you are falling behind. Let me say this now, as clearly as I can: there is no behind. There is only forward. We all work at our own pace and as long as you're making progress--even if it is at the pace of the tortoise, you are moving forward. Remember, it all counts. (I mentioned to my mom the other day that I could just do Day 1 and clear the kitchen counters every day of the month--it would just be boring to read!)

Today's declutter mission was really quick. I got it done while dinner cooked!

This drawer holds our different wraps and plastic bags. It's also the place where my husband stashes extra bread bags and cutlery packets and wet-wipes from a local take-out place.

The bread bags are useful. We throw blocks of cheese in them. I put a roast in one today to freeze it. You know, there will never be a shortage of bread bags. So, in order to keep ourselves from being over run, I set a limit on the number we keep (3) --the rest we toss. What that means is, usually I find five or six waded up in the drawer and I go through periodically (usually when I have trouble shutting the drawer!) and get rid of all but three.

But the cutlery and the wet-wipes?
Never use them. Ever. Yes, I've mentioned it. They show up anyway.

So here is the toss pile:

Boom da da boom:

Looking the picture, it looks dirty along the edges there, doesn't it. It isn't. I cleaned the drawer while I had it empty: remember, it is 67 years old. 

Do you ever keep too much of a good thing? Would setting a limit help? Decide how much is enough.

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