Monday, October 12, 2015

From the Weekend: Across the Street

At the house across the street from us, someone left out a bag of garbage.
He pawed at it. Marked it. Then I came out to the front porch to take a photo.
He left, looking at me warily as he did so--quite put out.

We have an Urban Coyote study and tracking program.
I reported it.

I am actually glad we have a neighbourhood Coyote. You should see the rabbits!


Janina Laird said...

Two years ago when I still lived in my 'old' house, way out in the area where the Toronto people had their 'weekend' country homes, there were plenty of coyotes. In fact, we had the unwanted privilege of listening to them hunt their dinner at night in the ravine my house backed onto. No more open windows on cool summer nights for me! Our family room and the master bedroom ran across the back of the house on the first and second floors. It was their habitat but quite unsettling to hear the goings on when trying to fall asleep.

I downsized to my little tiny home to be near to my friends and my job. I live in the downtown area of my city and guess what I have here? Urban coyotes! We are about a 2 minute walk from a park/creek running through the city and the coyotes inhabit this whole area. My husband regularly sees them when he walks the dogs (around 6:00 AM). I've spotted them too while driving to school in the morning. They don't seem interested in our garbage since they've got great pickings along the stream. Just yesterday I took a picture of a heron standing in the creek feeding. They are an issue in some parts of the greater Toronto area because people will leave food out for them "so they don't starve!". We have the same kind of program that monitors them and issues fines to people caught feeding them.

Where do the coyotes live/sleep in your neighbourhood?

Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🍃🍂🍗

Alana in Canada said...

There is a river which runs through the city and a large swath of woods which line the valley on both sides. There's some development--but the majority of the area is pretty wild. That's where they come from, we think. It was a bit unusual for us to see one this early. We've seen them in winter before--but that makes sense--more rabbits and rodents up here. Last winter we saw a pair camped out in a snow bank at a school (used as an admin building) behind our house. We wondered if they had a den there and were waiting on some young.

I hope you aren't still sacrificing your cool breezes to them!

Anastasia Inspiderwiht said...

My window faces the valley and I've been serenaded by coyote cacophonies all summer. Seems like more than last year for sure!

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