Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 12: Handbags and Shoes

Read the previous entry in this series:  Day 11: Declutter your Dresser Drawers or start at the beginning with the Introduction: 5 Ways Clutter Costs.

Back when Apartment Therapy did their Closet Cure, I decluttered three pairs of shoes. One pair of house shoes which no longer supported my feet, my running shoes which had fallen apart, and a pair of beautiful high heeled sandals I'd worn to a wedding this summer which crippled me.

And I hadn't touched my handbags at all.

For a wardrobe minimalist, I sure have a lot of shoes!

See those black patent pumps in the lower right corner?
They are a size 7 1/2.

I bought them when I was eighteen. I had grand plans of becoming a lawyer--and a lawyer would need good long-lasting shoes, right? It was the early eighties and I paid $70.00 for them. A fortune at the time! (I think I was making $3.75 or $4.25/hr back then.)

My feet are now a size ten. I work at a big box store selling paint.
Life did not go as I'd expected.

My handbag collection also has the black patent leather purse I bought at the same time to "go with" the shoes.

It's the saddlebag in the lower left hand corner. That black one in the middle is from a by-gone era when I used a smaller purse, The red one on the right is a favourite but the handles are too worn.

It's well past the season for carrying a straw bag. I'd like to transfer to the orange tote--but it needs a good cleaning. So does the red striped one--though it's more suited to be a book bag than a hand bag.

Decluttering my shoes was easy.

Those white shoes are on loan from my Mom. I need more slip-on shoes. I love shoes. I'd love to have more, but a long bout of plantar fasciitis many years ago and flat feet have made them very fussy.

The brightly coloured one there in the back is great for carrying stuff back and forth to the pool. I'd love to go to a pool again.

Depending on how often you buy hand bags and shoes, this is one of those decluttering sessions that should be done once a year--or, every couple of years just to remind yourself what you have and what you want to do with it. I usually use my purses until something breaks or stops working (the zipper, usually) though since I've switched to these suitcase sized totes, that doesn't happen. This is probably the first time in my life I've ever considered all my handbags at once like that.

Do you have a lot of bags and shoes?
Are they hard to part with?

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