Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 28: Excavating the Purse

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 I used to carry an off the shoulder, saddle bag purse.

Times have changed. I deliberately switched to a larger capacity purse a couple of years ago when I started riding public transit to work. I am once again a member of the polluting gas guzzling car commuting club, but I still carry a ridiculous amount in my purse.


Working from the top, right to left: book I am currently reading, bullet journal, Shoe inserts, below the inserts, the last book I was reading (an e-book on kobo), some sort of promo thing, black and orange case holding womanly things,
2nd row: baggie of receipts related to the Closet project at my Mom's, cheese sandwich from the day before yesterday (most likely), insurance for the car in a folder, a cheque stub, CIL promo notepad, glasses case (I keep wipes and bottled lens cleaner in it),
3rd row: (staring in the middle of the stuff, underneath the insurance card holder), a baggie of throat lozenges, tape measure, two kinds of chocolate. (Almond nut bar--my fave! and some 2 Bite Brownies).
4th row: paint stick, magazine, I Tunes card, wallet,
5th row: spoons, 3 pencils, 1 pen, a cabinet knob I need to return, a piece of mail I need to mail (need to buy a stamp, first), lipstick in a case, tic-tacs and Ibuprofen.

Still too much, but better:

Yeah, so in what universe is three pencils too many, but two is just right? The one in my purse, apparently. All Hail J!

This is the cavernous culprit. I don't mind it, really, but the straps don't work for me--and it is rather narrow for its depth. It works better as a book bag. I love the colours.

What's in your purse?

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