Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 29: Decluttering the Car: Not!

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Decluttering the car is not going to happen.

Not today--and not tomorrow in that wee window of time I have between breakfast and  trip to Ikea with my mother. Wait, I won't even have the car, tomorrow.

I didn't have it today.
By the time I had access to it, today, I was hungry, tired and it was blustery and damp cold out there. 

My husband and I swapped vehicles today so I could haul plywood. 

We're maintaining the swap for the Ikea trip. I will not declutter my husband's Jeep. That would be rude. 

About decluttering other people's stuff--as in permanently getting rid of stuff?
Nu uh. Never a good idea. Unless the person in question is four. Then, go for it. But it really is never too early to have decluttering and letting go conversations. 

I remember taking my kids through a store when they were little-little. (Must sit in the seat part of the cart, little) and they would whine and beg for some stuffed animal or toy while I shopped. I'd let them have it, but I'd tell them it was only for visiting. When it was time to pay for things, we were going to leave the toy in the store. It was not coming home with us. 

It worked. 

It's important to be able to go into a store, admire all the pretty things--and leave empty handed. 
But that's not going to happen tomorrow at Ikea, that's for sure.

Curious: is anyone else out there going to tidy up the car, today?

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