Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 24: Craft Supplies or Tools, Your Choice.

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I have been wanting to organize my painting tools for ages.

During the great basement clean out of 2013 we moved the painting cabinet over to the laundry room area--but kept the tools over in the workshop.

As we've been doing projects and using our paint supplies, I have been piling them up in the laundry room, near the paint cabinet which is the big white thing in the picture below.

Here is the same area from another angle:

This morning, before I left to go painting at my Mom's, I just went in with two goals. 1) remove everything not related to storing paint and paint supplies and 2) group like with like.

So, in the Ikea unit, I removed the soil that was in one tub and put in the spray paint. In another area, I moved out the dead plant, put the Santa hats away, replaced a useless table with a newly emptied storage unit, that sort of thing.

It was remarkable how clear it was. This was the area for paint supplies--and nothing else. Easy peasy.

We have a leak from the bathroom upstairs, so the bucket of water needs to stay there for a bit.

There is more to be done, but it's good enough for now.

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