Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 8: Any Kitchen Cabinet

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Oh my, you guys, this was a tough one. I could have picked any cabinet--every cabinet--they are such a mess. But this one was bothering me in particular. I wasn't sure what was in here (never a good thing when it comes to food) and I found myself putting away the hot chocolate mix three times a day!

So here is the before:

Well, no this is the "true" before: everything is on the floor where I can see it and deal with it. (yeah, the counter and the table were, ahem, kind of cluttered.)

So, I moved some unopened packages to the basement pantry, consolidated the rice, repackaged (popcorn kernals into a jar and then into the freezer), spooned the hot chocolate in to a glass jar to be left on the counter (why fight it?) and tossed some questionable cereal and a stale sleeve of soda crackers. This Bisquick? Expired in 2013. No, wait, the package didn't say that, it said:

So, not a terribly impressive toss pile, but that's OK. Actually, it's better than OK--but it makes for a boring picture!

Bad blogger: forgot to take a picture before I emptied out the cereal. Oh well.

And here we are, everything back in the cabinet:

That was a fun little project. Tell me, are you having fun?

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