Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 13: Declutter the Nightstand.

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Back when I made up the decluttering schedule, my nightstand looked like this:

But then, I went and bought these tall sleek beauties.

(I'd been thinking about it for a couple of years. I still hadn't made up my mind--but I went for it anyway! Then I committed and put the old ones out on the curb the very next day.)

And now that I have this one, I really didn't need to declutter it, so much as clean it up.

yep, I still need to lower those pictures

Mainly, I just needed something to corral the magazines. Fortunately, I remembered I had this tray I'd primed down in the basement.

I still don't know what colour to paint it and I'd like to put feet on it--but that's a project for another day.

One of the reasons I dithered over buying this particular nightstand was because it didn't have as many shelves as my old one. It just wouldn't be able to hold as much stuff. I'm always reading either a book or a magazine (or both--and usually more than one of each at a time). Sometimes, a smaller surface--or, in this case, fewer places to stuff things results in fewer things cluttering up the space around you. I found that's what happened when I decreased almost all of my shelf space in my dining room a while back--and it's been great.

But there's another school of thought that says you should buy enough storage for what you need. That skimping will just create more mess, more clutter. And I can totally see that.

I don't know what will happen here. When I get less busy, I will have more reading material on the go. We'll see then whether this little beauty can keep up.

What do you think? Should you buy furniture with lots of storage to keep things neat--or should you buy furniture without quite so much storage to discourage a messy build-up?

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