Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 9: Declutter Your Choice. My Choice? My Living Room

Read the previous entry in this series:  Day 8: Any Kitchen Cabinet or start at the beginning with the Introduction: 5 Ways Clutter Costs.

Yay! Another "Your Choice" Day. I chose my living room for obvious reasons.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner for us--and I'm hosting this year (my choice.) Obviously, I can't entertain in a space like this.

As I tidied and cleaned up, I realised that I really should have chosen a different topic for this series.

One big dog bed. That's all my couch is! But doesn't he look cosy there in his little nest.

It's true, that compared to some, I don't have a lot of clutter.

Sorry for the blur.

But clutter is completely personal. That's because the level of clutter that each of us is able to tolerate is different. And it can be different for us at different times of our lives, too. The house truly is outside my clutter comfort zone.

But truthfully, my thoughts are totally focused on cleaning.

Slipcover in the wash. Olive green in no longer my colour. I need to scooch the rug over.

I kind of wish I'd done a "Fall Cleaning" series for this 31 day writing challenge. But I didn't for two reasons. 1) I've done it before and 2) I just don't have time.

I've been looking and looking for a suitable tray and I just haven't found one.

 Those orange pillow covers which were over these blue ones read far too pink for my liking. I took them off to exchange for some mustard coloured ones. The cushion has a spring sticking out of it, so I put it up to remember to show my husband and ask him to snip it for me.

This carpet is really getting me down. When I called to have it cleaned, the price was twice what I paid for it in the first place. I choked. Told myself, I'd clean it myself.

Now I wish I'd just shelled out and sent it out.

It'd be back by now and clean.

I hate "wasting"my free choice on what should be a daily habit--I should be doing a ten to fifteen minute pick up and put away every day. Today, I had hoped I would get to one of my many unfinished projects. Those count as clutter too.

But no.

Tomorrow and day after we're focused on clothes. Day 10: The Clothes Closet and Day 11: Dresser Drawers. I did both of these as part of the Closet Cure with Apartment Therapy. If you did too, you get a by--or more free days! As for me and the blog, I'll be totally cheating and posting links to those posts.

And I'll be cleaning, cooking, and maybe, just maybe getting to one or two of those projects.

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MMarie said...

Hi Alana,
there is a fabulous carpet cleaner by WD40 called Spot Shot. It's in an orange and blue can. Hopefully they sell it where you work. Try it on the spots that are extra dirty.


Alana in Canada said...

Thanks Marie. I'll keep an eye out for it.

Luisa in Dallas said...

Check the latest House Tweaking post. She had the same rug problem and ended up replacing her rug. Ouch!

Alana in Canada said...

Luisa--I got down on my hands and knees and spot cleaned all the spots I should have cleaned months ago. They came out pretty well. Then I read the post you referenced and asked my husband to pick up oxyclean while he was out. He couldn't find it as-is--but he did find a rug cleaner with oxyclean. I tried some of it--and it made the rug so beautiful! It was kind of addicting.

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