Friday, May 31, 2013

Project 27: The Small Drawers.

This one came about because I organized the top drawer of the white dresser.

These are the cards we use for card games, Uno, Skipbo and your generic decks, in both bridge and poker sizes. There are cribbage boards, too, of course (though we still need to teach the kids to play crib). These used to be the main items we kept in the top drawer of the white dresser. But we don't need them there any more.

I like to call this part of the organizing process the "shuffle" because essentially, all you're doing is shuffling your stuff around. But it isn't always a simple thing to do--especially when you are dealing with a very disorganized home. The organized people tell you to take those items to their new home and leave them there until you're ready to organize them. I think this is a good strategy in a situation like this where you're working on a small scale. And I was lucky I already had something to put them in.

But so often, especially when I am organizing with my Mom, the new stuff to be moved in has to mingle with old, not-yet-decluttered stuff and the inevitable chaos that ensues is immense, especially when you consider that this is happening all over the house.

Things sat like this in the living room for a very long time.

One of the reasons I kept putting off this easy project was that this is one of the last bits left over from homeschooling.

Things have gone well, though. One of my son's teachers told me that "whatever" I'd done, I must have "done it right" because my son was able to "get what he needed" in order to learn the material.

I am grateful to that teacher.

So, there was absolutely zero emotional charge to re-purposing this handy little drawer unit.


One of the things Aby taught in her Organizing Fundamentals course is that one likely needs to re-organize whenever there's a major change in one's life. As I have been dealing with closing the homeschooling chapter of our lives, I am grateful I am dealing with the stuff now, instead of years from now. It's a great feeling to be creating a house we can live in now, instead of living in a home full of stuff I'm afraid to face.

I'm linking to Jules at Pancakes and French Fries for the William Morris Project, because that's what this was, even though it's late.

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onshore said...

Isn't that the biggest thing in learning that you know how to search for information. So well done you!

And yay that you find a new home for the games.

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