Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project 2: My Daughter's Artwork

Project Anti-Procratination continues. (Ihope so! This is only the second day. I haven't quit, yet!)

This is another one of those spin-offs from the basement picture framing project. I found two pieces of my daughter's artwork already framed. The third piece was this. I think she did it two years ago, in grade five, maybe?

I really didn't think too hard about it.

Black is classic. Black works.

The hard part was figuring out where to hang them.

I used to have a great family wall in the stairwell: but one by one the pieces fell down. The nails and the nail holes are still there however--and a couple of frames have survived.

So, I figured, why not?

The whole point of taking this project is to get stuff done. If it isn't the perfect place, oh well. I will find that perfect place eventually, if there is such a thing. I actually considered postponing hanging these until I had weighed and considered all the possible options (not that there are that many, really!) But that would defeat the purpose of this month long Anti-Procrastination project.

I dusted the walls first, though. So glad I did. I don't know how walls get so dusty, but they do.

I washed them, too.

I've always wanted to put a picture here between the two bookcases. I figure it has to be more attractive than the boxes I had here all winter!

my aplogies to all green thumbs out there. This is a corn plant and I let it get dry a bit too often this winter.

So, here they are.

That stairwell looks a little bare but I'm not in any rush to fill it up.

(And h*ll yes, I want to repaint that stairwell--that yellow-green looks hideous to me now--why do you think I've neglected it?)

Linking to Jules at Pancakes and French Fries just 'cause it's Thursday and time for our William Morris get-together.

'Til tomorrow.


May said...

I love that you put the fruit bowl between the bookcases. It is unexpected and fun there.

I really ought to do the procrastination project, but--guess what? I think I will put it off until fall. Really, I have soooooo many good reasons! I wish I could say I am just being silly, but this actually went through my mind!

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

I like the fruit bowl picture spot, too!

onshore said...

I don't think I've ever dusted any wall. I once vacuumed a ceiling though :)

Looking from down the picture between the shelves is just in the right spot.

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