Sunday, May 5, 2013

Project 5: Paint the Boot Shelf.

I thought I would get a bunch of the procrastinated painting projects done while I'm wearing my painting duds.

I have to wear painting clothes. As you can see, I am a very messy pinter. (These are in fairly good condition, actually. I have an entire wardrobe, both winter and summer, in more than one size. There are others in worse shape.)

Here's the boot shelf. It is at the back door, on the side of the stairs going down to the basement next to the furnace.

From left to right: chimney flue, gaping hole through which everything falls, furnace. I will explain that board with the dowels another time.

It has been ugly since the day we installed it.

I wanted some colour--and I wanted something I could clean in a snap.

I knew just what to use. The paint we had left over from this failed project, many years back.

Yes, the old red trunk. We still have it--it's in the basement (naturally!) and we still have half a can of that red enamel paint.

Ta Da!

While I was down there, I also finished off this area:


I stopped painting there during the laundry room make-over in the fall of 2011 because the old dresser was in the way. But now that the chemical cabinet is there and on castors, I could finally finish painting it.


Only, you, me, and whomever needs that stuff from under the stairs will ever know!

I've other projects planned for the stairwell, but for now, it's another couple of Anti-Procrastination Project done.

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onshore said...

It looks to me that you have lost some weight! really good Alana, well done.

I too am a very messy painter, I have finally learned to change my clothes before I start painting, I don't know how many clothes I've destroyed because I have not had the "time" to change clothes.

Well done with finishing this area too on the basement.

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