Friday, May 10, 2013

Project 10: Three Small Ones

Ten days into the Anti-Procrastination Project, my days are falling into a comfortable pattern.

I get up, start the coffee and then work on moving a project forward--before breakfast! I work on various things throughout the day and in the evening, write up any projects that reached completion.

Except for today! Yesterday was a frustrating day: several projects became stalled all at once. So, I had to scramble and find some quick and easy ones in order to have something to post!

Fortunately, I found three. I was surprised, actually, but it is amazing what you can do with a goal and a deadline.

Quick and Easy Project #1:

Hang a Hook for the Potholders.

This way, the potholders are much too vulnerable to our dog. He loves to chew these--so I just buy the really inexpensive ones from Wally's World. They were also not easy to grab --which is not good when you suddenly realise you forgot to set the timer and your sense of smell telling you that has to come out of the oven NOW --noteven10secondsfromnoworyoucanfogeddaboutit. Which happens. So you grab the hand towel 'cause who knows what happened to the pot holders. And it catches fire. So you run over to the sink to put it out but a chunk of it is gone and it is sadly singed. And the cheerful little orange owl towel is now a rag.

The little orange owl towel in happier times.

3M is one of the best companies in the world. I found these clear command hooks at our new Target the other day and grabbed them just for this project. I knew they would be perfect.

Quick and Easy Project #2:

Pretty Up the Communication Files.

When I did this project back in September, I decided to see whether or not they would work before I invested time and/or money into making them look good.

They haven't worked quite as well as I'd hoped. My daughter is so forgetful, I usually get that important form DUE TOMORROW just as she is going to bed! My son's school never gives him any forms (or he loses them before he gets home and I have to go on-line and print one out). But, my daughter has five more years of school left and my son has three, so it will be worth training them. Besides, I find it helpful to have a place to put the forms once I've finished with them. (There are also all kinds of permission forms involved for their Guiding and Scouting activities, too. It's great to be able to say, "Go get it from your folder.")

Martha Stewart at Staples and my new labeller to the rescue! I've been wanting some of the MS products for about a year now. So glad I finally found a use for them. (For the observant, no, these are not in their proper home. It's currently a giant mess because I'm organizing the top drawer of that dresser.)

Quick and Easy Project #3:

Order Hubby's Work "Recognition" Award.

We got the little catalogue and brochure in January. Finally, looked after it. One Nikon Coolpix is on its way to us!

(We really wanted the digital video camera--the one my husband has is not digital--but they took it out of the offering while we procrastinated.)

So, there we have it. Three more projects crossed off the list.


Carol-Anne Powell said...

I've never 'met' anyone who's as determined & driven as YOU! Bravo for continuing to grow and overcome challenges!

Alana in Canada said...

Hi Carole-Anne! Good to see you again! Thanks.

onshore said...

New cameras are quite good on taking video too, so you might not need a separate video camera anymore. Good purchase for a blogger :D

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