Saturday, May 4, 2013

Project 4: The Story Behind the Chemical Cabinet

It used to sit here.

To the far right of the photo is the stairs. We moved this cabinet right to where that big black blob is, behind the green bucket. That's the old dresser with the rope pulls.

The kids painted it ages ago.

We wanted to put something else here. For that to happen, we had to move the light switch and put castors on this cabinet. (So it wouldn't block access to the things I have stored under the stairs.) And one more thing, I told my husband.  I had to paint it.

I went all Chez Larsson on it and brushed on a good thorough coat of clean white. But for some reason I didn't get around to the back. It sat at the bottom of the stairs taunting me...(though, honestly, it's voice was nearly drowned out by the taunts from the disorganized and dysfunctional Antonius-on-chains stairway baskets).

So, while I painted the shelves from the basement (here all prepped and ready for their Chez Larsson treatment)--

I took less than ten minutes and went from this:

to this:

This post took me longer to write!

Another Procrastinated Project done.

1 comment :

onshore said...

Chez Larsson treatment :D Funny.
In here the white is very good, it goes so nicely with the stairway.

Where did the shelves go?

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