Thursday, May 16, 2013

Project 16: List Left-Overs for sale.

Unfortunately, when we built that last section of wall in the basement, we had to go out and buy a huge roll of vapour barrier and a full package of batt insulation to finish things off.

We tried to buy someone else's left over's first but we did not like what we found. I swear, the first batch we found was used. It looked as if someone had pulled the stuff right out of the wall. My husband said he thought he saw mouse droppings in it. The second batch, though not used, looked as though it had been left outside for the winter. In the interests of finishing the wall while my husband had the time off, we bought new.

We had 13 pieces left over from the package we bought.

We only used 12 feet off of this 59 foot roll!

Finally, I got them listed for sale! Let's hope they don't linger for long.


onshore said...

Listing those is really good to do fast, and I'm sure that the one who buys these is happy that those are dust free and clean as they have been just opened from the packages.
Do you have a place that specializes in selling construction material? we have one site and for instance drywall moves very quickly once you have listed them there.

Alana in Canada said...

We have our local "Craig'slist" which is actually kijiji here. I have had a couple of enquiries so cross fingers it goes soon.

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