Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Project 21: Hang the Paper Cutter.

This was supposed to be another embarrassingly easy one.

When I first got the idea of hanging my paper cutter, back in February while taking the creative space workshop,  I had no idea how I was going to do it.

When I re-wrote my project list for the anti-procrastination project, I allotted it two hours. Most of that was for researching how to hang it.

I sat down with the computer and typed in some search terms, like "hang paper cutter" and got all sorts of unrelated and irrelevant articles. The same thing happened on Pinterest. It was a good thing that rabbit hole wasn't too deep.

So, I decided to take a look at the paper cutter itself and see what it suggested to me.

It suggested a narrow block of wood for the lip to rest upon.

I went down to my husband's newly built shelves and organized wood pile and found what I needed immediately.

I decided to paint it the same colour as the wall. I found the paint (and the brushes!) easily because of our newly re-organized basement.

I did have to go out and purchase more command adhesive in order to put it on the wall. The plan was to fasten one of the command velcro strips to the wood and the other to the wall.

It was going to be so easy-- and I was happy thinking I did not have to continue to make Swiss cheese out of my walls.

And that should have been that.

Except the Velcro on the command strip gave way.


So, in the end, and because I was determined to have a post for today, I didn't say rude things and walk away (well, half that statement is true). No, I used the drill, wall anchors, screws and a level and fastened a block of wood to the wall.

My five minute project took about a half hour.

Here is where I kept the paper cutter. On the floor between the end of my desk and the wall.

sorry you had to see that.

This is where I am keeping it now.

Much, much better.


Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

Hi Alana--
Did you write earlier about the creative spaces workshop? I'd love to know more about that...

And isn't it annoying how "simple" projects can be so time-consuming? But I bet it feels good to have this one done.

onshore said...

I have not used the command adhesive products but I feel always more secure when I have used screws to attach anything. Also I like the idea that the installation is permanent.

Anyway, good idea to hang this on the wall.

Alana in Canada said...

Hi Rita. No I didn't write a whole lot about the creative spaces workshop, but I can send you an e-mail, if you like.

And, Leena, another thing I hung up with Velcro fell down recently, too. It was odd that it didn't hold this, though. It was well under the 9lb/4 kg "limit."

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