Saturday, May 18, 2013

Project 18: Jewellery Holder, Part Two

There are a gazillion "jewellery organizer" pins on Pinterest. Here's my board.

I took all my jewellery out of my lovely jewellery box sometime in January. That's when I decided I needed to sort it and figure out what I wanted to keep. (And why jewellery and not jewelry? 'Cause this is a Canadian blog, that's why.)

And then things stayed pulled out and jumbled like this for a long, long time.

One of the truly great things in Aby's Simplify 101 classes is that she emphasises doing a little bit whenever you can. In the Fundamentals class we called it "Embracing the Bite." That's how this happened.

No, I haven't painted. That's the difference between a sunny winter day and a cloudy spirng day. The trees outside the window block a fair bit of light when they are in leaf.

First, I got inspired by a vignette on a tray and learned you can put your toiletries in a drawer.

No, wait, first I emptied out a drawer and took the horse napkins and picture frames that were in it, put them together, and hung them up for my daughter.

Then I was able to have a fairly tidy dresser top. But I was really stumped with how to deal with my jewellery.

I looked at options that would let me organize and display my earrings and my necklaces, but it was tricky. I wanted to be able to access the backs of the earrings and that meant I had to put them through something. For the necklaces, I just needed something sturdy to hang them from.

It wasn't until it occurred to me that I needed to make two jewellery organizers that I solved my dilemma. After all, I put my earrings on in the bathroom when I put on my make up and the necklaces in my room when I get dressed. As soon as I realised that, it was easy. I made the earring holder in Part One. This, the necklace holder, is probably more complicated than it really needs to be.

When I cleaned out the bsement, I found some cork tiles and an unused picture frame I'd been hanging onto for probably a decade.

I used the glass from the frame to "measure" the cork.

I cut the cork with an X-acto knife. Several scores and I was through it in no time.

I broke apart some straight pins with wire cutters in order to attach the two pieces of cork. (You can see the second piece of cork hanging off the edge of the dresser above.) It probably wasn't necessary.

The hardest part was spacing the thumbtacks evenly!

And so there we have it, another project crossed off May's Anti-Procrastination Project list.

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onshore said...

That is beautiful and really useful. I tend to forget that I even have any necklaces, because they are stored in a drawer. I only use them in very special occasions.

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