Thursday, May 9, 2013

Project 9: A Tale of Two Irons

This is another in the Anti-Procrastination Project series-- a challenge I set myself to finish up at least one project I've been procrastinating every day in May.

Since it also is about making something in my home more useful and beautiful, I think it qualifies for the fabulous William Morris Project which happens every week at Pancakes and French Fries.

This one hasn't been on the To Do list for very long.

It was about a month ago when I got out my iron to do something--and realised it wouldn't "go." It wouldn't slide. In fact, it melted the piece of fabric I was working on. (I was making curtains for the basement windows.)

So, I needed a new iron, obviously.

I bought one in relatively short order, but it wouldn't fit in my iron and ironing board holder.

I have often thought that maybe I should use this prime real estate another way, but I really do not need "hard to get at" as an excuse not to iron.

So, I bought a new iron and ironing board holder.

The new iron would fit, but loosely. I'd have to bungee it in.

So, I started the project to hang the new one. I took down the old one and washed the door.

For some reason, I thought to see if the new holder would work with the ironing board.

It wouldn't. I mean it didn't. I could not believe it--but there wasn't enough room between the bottom prongs for the iron to rest upon and the hooks for the legs to fit. I was pretty disgusted. I packed that thing up faster than you could say "iron and ironing board holder." (Really, is there no less awkward name for this thing?)

So, my choices were these: run all over town and try and find another I&IBH--or buy another iron.

I bought another iron.

The iron on the left is my new new iron, and the iron on the right is now my old new iron.

And it fit!

So, I washed the old I&IBH and put it right back up.

I'd bought a new IB cover when I'd bought the useless I&IBH, so I put that on and hung it up, too.

So pretty! (Though I will miss my cheerful green gingham.)

But that's not all. I promised myself I would not post this until I had fully and completely finished this project. So, when I ran my errands, I returned the iron and the I&IBH to the two different stores they came from.



Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

Why do these kinds of projects always seem to go this way? You're better than me. I'd have the things to be returned riding around in the back of my car for weeks!

May said...

My secret to returning items? I delegate to my husband who is more motivated by the cash/store credit than I am. Awful, I know, but it does work!

onshore said...

That cover on the ironing board is really pretty. Excellent job on a yet another anti procrastination project.

Alana in Canada said...

Rita--I don't have a car--and the jeep we do have is entirely open--or I would put things in the back and have them rattle around for weeks! As it was, I believe I had the new iron for at least two and the I&IBH for one before I returned it!

Alana in Canada said...

May-- NOTHING wrong with delegation! Top executives do it all the time!

Alana in Canada said...

Onshore--Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

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