Monday, May 6, 2013

Project 6: The Dresser Drawer

It sat waiting.

About a month ago, I cleaned out this drawer in my dresser. Among other things, it had held the pieces to my daughter's horse picture framing project. I hadn't a clue, though, what I'd use it for.

Until the Universe conspired to show me.

Sometimes you don't know what you want until you see it.

The first thing I saw made me want it.

If you break this down, it is actually fairly simple. An elegant and simple square tray contrasting with ornate cut glass bottles, a candle in glass and a couple of clean lined round bottles and two loose necklaces. This is all about playing with black and white and contrasting colour, shape and material. Beautiful.

I thought about my tray and what was on it and sighed.

But, not long after I came across the game changer.

The second thing I saw made me realise I just might be able to do it (or something like it).

How obvious is this? How elegant a solution to dresser-top ugliness? Seriously, it has never occurred to me, in my whole life, that one could do this. My grandmother had a beautiful old 1920's dresser/vanity where she kept her brushes and combs on a tray and all sorts of interesting pots and jars lining the back, like ranks of mismatched soldiers. I thought that leaving things out was just what one did.

So, I took a left over organizing divider thingy from another project, put it in the drawer and started loading it up.

Done in less than five minutes.

As for the tray and what's left on it: I'm going to let it percolate a bit before I decide what exactly I want to do. No rush.

(Yes, organizing that jewellery all over the dresser is another project!)

For now, another Anti-Procrastination Project bites the dust!

1 comment :

onshore said...

Not that I don't like the tray in the first inspiration picture, but I've noticed that anything even remotely pretty I leave out in the open is not pretty after two weeks. The dust!
I think your solution to put the stuff in the drawer is better.

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