Friday, May 3, 2013

Project 3: Sending a Fax

It was worth some money to us.

Where do I begin?

With the new printer?

The old wifi box?

I had to haul it out of the "take it to the eco-centre" box to take a picture for you!

Let's just say I had to purchase on-line support to reconfigure our encrypted wifi after trying to set the wifi for our new printer de-encrypted it. There. That didn't take too long to explain.

Along with my on-line support came the offer of a $15.00 rebate for a new wifi box if I could not fix my problem after purchasing their technical support.

In a sense, they fixed our problem, I had encrypted wifi again. But, in another, the problem wasn't fixed as it wasn't stable. (It still isn't completely 100% trouble free, but I think it's the modem that's at fault, now.) On a subsequent call, the technician suggested I was entitled to my rebate and sent me an e-mail saying so.

So, we bought a new wifi box. A sleek pretty little black thing I can hide out of sight on my pull-out shelf.

Wifi on the left, modem on the right.

Very nice.

However, to claim my rebate, I had to fax a copy of my receipt along with a copy of that e-mail which said I was entitled to it.

Our fax machine is in the basement.

Aside-- (Ok, so technically, I can use the new printer as a fax machine--but I would have to figure out the phone cord thing all over again. And then learn how to send a fax. Believe me, using the old fax machine would be quicker! I did make the copies on my new printer, though.)

Yes, the basement.

The date on this picture is the same as that on my receipt. That was the day we moved the chest of drawers which had been here (with the fax machine on top) over to the other side of the laundry room so we could move in the paint cabinet (which had to moved to make room for yet another cabinet. The whole thing was so ridiculous, I never did blog about it.) But, as you can see, sending a fax would have been a tad complicated.

Fortunately, when I finally decided to send the fax, things had settled down somewhat.

Less than ten minutes later, we were ready to plug in the power and the phone cords

We don't have cable, so everything goes through our phone lines.

and send the fax.

We re-use paper my husband brings home from work. Documents are sent face down with this machine. And yes, it's old. I bought it probably in 1993 or thereabouts. That's NOT 20 years ago. It's not.

Bonus: The place where we keep the machine is now all nice and tidy.

It was immensely satisfying and the money won't hurt either!

The basement wall where the shelves used to be looks like this now:

and everything is just out of the above frame to the left!

If you're following along with my craziness during this month's Anti-procrastination Project, let me know! I love your comments.


onshore said...

What!? who uses faxes anymore? I would not even know where to find a fax machine these days. Still, I'm really happy you were able to find a working one and got the task done.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, Leena! The other option was to mail everything in--I considered it--except I hardly ever get to the post office anymore, either!

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