Monday, June 3, 2013

June: Goals (The Gargantuan List)

In spite of the fact that I wasn't able to finish Anti-procrastination Project month the way I would have liked, I am thrilled I got so much done!

Because of that, I am going to approach June in much the same way. That means I am going to commit to getting a certain number of projects done and blog about them every week. They fall into three broad categories: cleaning, organizing and decorating.

A lot of my annual and semi-annual cleaning chores haven't been done, yet. I usually do them as part of my "Spring Cleaning" but I was too distracted with all the organizing I was doing earlier this year. So, this month I want to catch up.

I've made a huge list of all the things I want to get done: some of them will be done this month, some of them will take longer. Some of them depend on how much extra money we will have.

But, a list is a great way to keep track of my plans, so I am going to share it here and link back when the project is done. I plan to blog about at least one or two projects in each category every week: so I am committing to three posts a week. Posting daily was a real grind, but a regular schedule keeps me chugging along and getting things done. It works for me!

So, here's the gargantuan, throw everything at the wall, big brain dump list.


Wash windows and window sills, and vacuum screens in the kitchen, downstairs bathroom, living room and dining room. Done: June 6. Cleaning Windows: A Start

Wash curtains in the kitchen. Done!

Clean the oven, oven racks and stove top.
Clean the floor under the oven.

Clean the floor under the fridge.
Vacuum the fridge coils.

Clean the mail box and house numbers.

Clean the screen doors, both front and back.
Clean both exterior doors, front and back.

Clean the tiles in the tub and shower surround.

Dust all the bookshelves. Living room, dining room, upstairs hallway, bedroom.

Vacuum the bedroom floor--especially under the bed and couch! done.
Vacuum our mattress.

Wash the table top in the laundry room.
Wash the shelves.
Clean the machines.

Clean the pantry shelves.


Empty 2 boxes of photos
Empty the memorabilia box.
Re-label scrapbook patterned paper.
Purge and create a home for 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
Create a home for odd sized photos.

Organize the white cabinet in the bathroom.

Organize the linen closet upstairs.

Switch out the summer and winter clothing.
Clear out the nightstands in the master bedroom. Done! June Challenge: Organizing
Clean out my husband's side of the closet.

Find a home for the winter sheets on the shelves in the laundry room.

Organize the pantry into zones.



Touch up blue chairs with paint. Re-painted in navy. December 2014
Refinish top of kitchen table. (If possible. It may not be.) Done: October 2014

Dining room/Home Office:

Fix the IKEA non lights on top of the shelf. fixed, but not blogged.

Living Room:

Finish sewing white drapes and putting in pleater tape.
Finish sewing couch slip cover.
sew a cover for the Poang chair.
Sew new pillows

All of these projects were finally completed as part of the One Room Challenge in the fall of 2014.

Deal with the footstool done.
Renew the gallery wall. Done, December 2013: Gallery Wall Part Deux.

Back Hallway:

scrape popcorn off of ceiling (transferred to January 2015 House Project List)
paint. (transferred to January 2015 House Project List)


Hang large mirror (transferred to January 2015 House Project List)
touch up paint on risers. (transferred to January 2015 House Project List)

Upstairs Hallway:

make and install screen. (transferred to January 2015 House Project List)
sew new curtains for window. (transferred to January 2015 House Project List)

Master Bedroom: 

Paint room.
Paint headboard wall with something stencillish.
Buy or make a new duvet cover.

all done, March 2014!

Back Entry:

Hang extra board w/hooks.

done. In fact, the whole place was purty'd up in November.

Laundry Room:

Re-hang curtain.

Whew! There's no way all of this can be done in one month! But I will do all that I can this month.


onshore said...

So your "cure" has moved to summer this year. I love that you will be posting about three times a week, I know the schedule works for me. I get lot more done with that.

You do have quite a lot planned again, but once it get's going you'll get so much done, excellent!

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks! I am really glad you always comment. It is wonderful to know there's someone out there reading all this!

onshore said...

Of course I comment! I think what you do and write is inspirational. I would not even blog with out your cure, so thank you for that.

Style wise we might be bit different but all the reasons you do things around the house are exactly why I want to do similar things too.

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