Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Challenge: Update

I'm not sure whether this small project should be considered an organizing project or a decorating project. Sometimes, the two confuse me--and that's a good thing, really!

Back in May when I painted the board with hooks in my back entry way, I also took a small board outside and painted it. I intended to put hooks on it and hang it, too.

Because I couldn't mount the board horizontally, I had to figure out how to put the hooks on. Finally, I set my brain to the task. It wasn't difficult.

I used whatever hooks we had on hand. I am thinking I should paint a stripe between the two boards to connect them visually. I love that colour-- it's too bad it comes from a can of spray paint!

My husband insists on taking his lunch in an old plastic Safeway bag.
I am not getting as much done this month as I had thought I would. I thought I would continue to do something everyday even though I wouldn't post every day but it hasn't worked out like that. Doing a post is still driving the activity, though. Yesterday, I figured I'd better do something to have a post for today, so I picked this project, hoping it'd be quick and easy. It was.  
I have been in a bit of a funk, too. The sun is visiting only intermittently, usually just popping her head in at sunset to say goodnight.
So, I'm not sure which is contributing more to my lethargy: taking the pressure off of posting or the lack of sun but this month has not been the beehive of activity I had hoped it would be. 
Linking to Jules at Pancakes and French Fries, grateful to have the push to do something!


Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

Small steps are progress. And lack of sun can do anyone in. We've had an unusually sunny spring, and I can certainly feel the difference from the last two years, when it felt we didn't get any until after the 4th of July.

I love that green color, too. And hanging the hooks at a slant--genius. (And the kind of spatial reasoning problem that would have flummoxed me.)

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, Rita. When I thought of it, I was excitedaboutmy discovery and mentioned it to my husband. He was all "of course." Glad it wasn't obvious to you, too!

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