Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Challenge: Organizing

I've discovered that there seems to be more than one kind of organizing, just like there's more than one kind of trip.

Let's call one "Organizing en haute."

It's like taking a trip to Paris. (Thus the French sounding name. ahem.) It involves planning. It may involve organizing products, like dividers and boxes and labels. It is more than merely shuffling things around. It is not just de-cluttering (though getting rid of stuff is a really important part of it). Organizing en haute is grander: its purpose is to make a particular space function better. It involves assigning homes to things-- things which had different, inferior homes or were, until now, homeless.

In a nutshell, it is creating something new and better for stuff I have chosen to keep. It is highly intentional.

But, this project was nothing like that. No, this little organizing project was like a walk around the block.

What did I "organize?"

My nightstand.

I've just recently discovered Emily Henderson. (I know, I know. But we don't have our TV hooked up to the outside world.) She has a lovely little video about how to style the top of one's nightstand.

My nightstand is unfortunately much too small for me to "style" it. EH says I should have
1) light.
2) something low and horizontal to "ground" my tabletop, and
3) something to bridge the two, preferably something sculptural or quirky, or both.

Let's just say my clock is something low and horizontal and the lamp is something both tall and the sculptural bridge between the two. For quirk, I added my Matryoshka  dolls. (It seems I no longer have the smallest, solid doll.)

Wow. That sure is a dinky little "tablescape." I think a painting or picture on the wall behind the lamp is almost mandatory, here. Not only would it disguise that hatch, but it would brighten and balance the whole thing immensely. It's all just a bit too "leggy" at the moment. I think that as soon as the budget allows, I would like a prettier alarm clock--and swing arm lamps, too.

Nonetheless, I am enjoying my freshly cleaned and organized nightstand.


onshore said...

Are you really reading all those books? :)
Looks much better, I love matyoshka dolls.

Alana in Canada said...

Yes, I am in various stages of all of them. I'm even adhd in my reading habits!

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